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Void Property

Regular patrols alert to any potential maintenance issues, squatters, deters vandals, fly-tippers and thieves.

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Void Property Inspection

Total Control Security Ltd understand that protecting your valuable property assets quickly and cost effectively is critical. As vacant property security specialists, we support you every step of the way with detailed information and digital images to ensure your vacant property or void property is safe and secure as quickly as possible. Inspecting vacant properties yourself can drain countless hours and resources from your business – manpower and effort that could be best spent elsewhere. But you’re legally obliged to do so. Why not rely on trained security experts instead? We  can review your premises as often as you’d like, to keep your most important assets safe. With Total Control Security Ltd this isn’t just a box-ticking exercise. Far from it. Our team can conduct detailed surveys of your property once we have established your specific requirements. We can check meter readings, check for water damage, external damage and many more checks, the results provided to you in a comprehensive report.

Entrance to void property broken by intruders
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Alarm Response

Fast, Safe and Reliable Response

When combined with our Key Holding service, our Alarmed Response team are able to take prompt action when there are indications that your property has suffered a breach or other intrusion. This ensures a quick and efficient response without your personal involvement or endangerment.

Mobile Patrols

Efficient and Responsive Patrols

For complete stress-free protection combining our Alarm Response, Key Holding and Mobile Patrol services allows our Operatives to regularly inspect your property as well as offering immediate comprehensive assessment, both inside and in the grounds, when alerted.