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TV and Movie

The Media Industry use highly specialised and valuable equipment, require traffic management and crowd control. 

TV and Movie Production

If you’re in the business of making movies or TV shows, you know that security is a top priority. After all, you’re dealing with valuable equipment and sensitive information. That’s where our company comes in. The security requirements of the entertainment industry can be both similar and vastly different to those required for other service users. 

The industry requires security for high value technological equipment, location, scenery and other resources as well as the crew and other personnel. Our Security services for the media industry depend upon a knowledge and understanding of the filmmaking processes, procedures and precautions in addition to continuous communication between the production and our team.

Our processes require our awareness of the identities and responsibilities of the production team, crew and performers as well as an understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities and locations at all times.

We know the importance of public relations for your production company within the host location being used for your production.  Our Security Team are experienced and courteous, yet also confident in their activities. These attributes ensure the use of tact and diplomacy in our service to you our client.

We are 100% privately owned and so we are able to offer an affordable alternative to larger security companies. 

studio inspection by security guard

Related Services

Alarm Response

Fast, Safe and Reliable Response

When combined with our Key Holding service, our Alarmed Response team are able to take prompt action when there are indications that your property has suffered a breach or other intrusion. This ensures a quick and efficient response without your personal involvement or endangerment.

Mobile Patrols

Efficient and Responsive Patrols

For complete stress-free protection combining our Alarm Response, Key Holding and Mobile Patrol services allows our Operatives to regularly inspect your property as well as offering immediate comprehensive assessment, both inside and in the grounds, when alerted.